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Elicia from Austin
"I felt like a superstar!"
—Elicia, Austin, USA

I heard about Dress for Success Austin through the grapevine, then I saw a sign in a community center. I asked my former social worker if she knew anything about it, and by the next day I was signed up for a back-to-work course.

I had been laid off. Having been employed by the same company for twelve years, I had no desire to work elsewhere. I was hurt by the layoff and growing more despondent every day. Dress for Success helped me regain my natural optimism.

The volunteers doted on me, which I loved. I felt like a superstar! They helped me feel like part of the community. They seemed to see something special in me that nobody else at the time did.

I felt like a million bucks after leaving my initial suiting. I vividly remember sitting in my car on the way home, smiling at people in the other cars. I have to say, good makeup makes a huge difference in my attitude.

DFSA helped me reintegrate into the working world. After my first suiting, I looked forward to my next interview. I wore my DFSA outfit to it and was hired!

I most genuinely recommend DFSA. It really helps to have an organization pulling for you when nobody else is.