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Women's History Month SHE-ro Series | Tangee Mobley

March 24 2021

Tangee joined the transit industry over 40 years ago as a Bus Operator out of necessity, which would eventually lead her to becoming the Vice President of Bus Operations and Maintenance for Capital Metro. A culmination of hard work, encouragement, mentorship, and perseverance was critical in her career path, which included many challenges such as long hours and gender-related barriers such as working hours and matters of physical strength, but these challenges ultimately led her to overall acceptance of her journey.


Q: Why do you feel it’s important to have women in leadership roles?

A: Having women at the table brings inclusivity to decision making, as adding varying experiences and perspectives makes for better decisions.


Q: How do you feel that you work to empower other women in your professional life?

A: I personally mentor women in transit on an ongoing basis. I offer a safe place to express frustrations, offer advice, and open myself as a source of information and sounding board.


Q: How did you and Capital Metro work to provide relief to the community during and after the winter storm?

A: We provided transportation to warming centers, distributed water, provided limited food deliveries, and warming vehicles. We continue to deliver food within the community.


Q: What does being a SHE-ro mean to you?

A: Being a SHE-ro means to me that I have helped someone on their way, albeit professionally or personally, I have made their path easier.


Q: Why do you believe in DFSA’s mission to help women find gainful employment and become financially independent?

A: What is better than assisting a woman to become independent, building her self-esteem, and acting as a positive role model?


Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: Consider obstacles like sandpaper: sandpaper smooths and refines a rough piece of wood, and so do your challenges, as they refine you and make you better!